The charm of essential oils- what are the best ones to choose from!

The charm of essential oils- what are the best ones to choose from!

Have you been captured by the charm of essential oils? They have long captured the “cosmetic industry” in your life, and you know them so little? It is time for a change.7121_3

Essential oils are extracted from nuts, seeds and fruits of plants by cold pressing and fine purification which retains their valuable qualities. They contain a mixture of triglycerides of polyunsaturated fatty acids, fotosteroli, vitamin E, phospholipids, and trace minerals and other biologically active substances.

And accelerate cell metabolism, improve blood circulation, make the skin soft and smooth while helping to normal functioning of the sebaceous glands. Essential oils are a mandatory component of modern cosmetics and are used as base oils in aromatherapy as well as direct massage of the skin.

They should be kept in the dark and cool place, not to “rancid”.

One of “the most famous oils” is almond oil. The fat composition is very similar to human and therefore called it “skin” oil. It has a magical effect on dry, sensitive and aging skin. It nourishes the hair roots, stimulates growth, makes it shiny and elastic.

Apricot and peach butter are close to the composition and operation of almond, but contain more vitamin F. They have a very good effect against wrinkles. Used as a massage oil for babies and young children.

Miraculous properties extracted from the olive fruit oil have been known since antiquity. It contains all kinds of fat-soluble vitamins, phytosterols, phospholipids and extracts. Besides food, olive oil is used against dry skin and wrinkles.7121_1

Thanks to its composition of saturated fatty acids, coconut oil absorbs quickly into the skin and makes it a “velvet.” Prevents cracking hands and heels.

Avocado oil has a rich composition of fat-soluble vitamins A, E and D, fruit extracts, macro- and micronutrients. Restores violations as a result of aging lipid balance of the skin and contributes to the synthesis of new collagen bonds.

Shea butter is obtained from the fruit of the African tree “Shea” and comprises both the saturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Very quickly absorbed by the skin without leaving a greasy surface, creating a thin protective layer and a feeling of dryness.

One of the most unique natural resources – oil Jojoba is actually a liquid wax. It has a beneficial effect on the skin, creating a transparent, elastic layer that nourishes and protects against adverse environmental effects. Nourishing with jojoba lips are soft, juicy and tender, and the hair shiny, voluminous and flexible.

Sesame oil is a traditional elixir of beauty. Contains vitamin E, lecithin, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and antioxidants. Penetrates deep into the skin cells and helps to remove harmful waste substances.

Wheat germ oil is rich in vitamin E and lecithin, minerals, phytosterols, macro- and micronutrients. Slows down aging of the skin, making it fresh and supple, helps with chapped lips, prevents the formation of stretch marks and flowering hair.

The most powerful natural antioxidant contained in grape seed oil. It regulates oiliness, retains moisture, and tightens the skin without clogging pores.

Safflower oil has a very high capacity to retain moisture, so it is widely used in cosmetics. Obtained from the seeds of thistle species cultivated for thousands of years in Africa and Asia.

It contains up to 80% specific form of vitamin F, which occurs in very small amounts in other oils. Therefore, it is indispensable in improving skin elasticity.

There are “essential challenges.” Seen with a bottle charm and a few drops of heat.

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How you choose to protect your home from mosquitoes?

How you choose to protect your home from mosquitoes?

Mosquito net, sprays, lights. How you choose to protect your home from mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are a summer nightmare of every household. Besides issued annoying sounds around our ears, bites them a lasting memory of their visit to our home. So we have to take measures.

Perhaps the most popular, inexpensive and safe way to protect your home from mosquitoes is the network. It puts windows that open and keep the summer provides protection from any insects.

Many people raise the windows and terraces, as well as in the garden in the yard plants that drive away mosquitoes. Among them the most popular are basil and mint – aromatic spices with double action. Melissa, rosemary and lavender also have a similar effect.
Very often people use different types of sprays and other chemicals with which to combat harmful insects. It, however, there is some skepticism as it is possible household members to inhaled from them and have unpleasant side effects. These are the reasons why many people avoid and mosquito coils.

In many households it relies on lights against insects that attract and kill the unwanted guests. However, these lamps do not guarantee you 100% that mosquitoes will not bite you, before being attracted by the light.

Summer fun for Children, what activities we should choose for our youngster!

Summer fun for Children, what activities we should choose for our youngster!

Summer is here and with it the opportunities for summer fun and camps for your child.

Summer fun for children – how to choose the right
Already told you about interesting programs in English in the big city, but we want to devote attention to the camps that are both fun and educational. Now there are a variety of ideas and suggestions. But to choose the right camp, we took out the most important things that you should pay attention when choosing if you want to give your child another unforgettable experience.

Let’s start with history. If an organizer for years managed to maintain a high level, know that this is not accidental. Success is built on trust, and trust is built for years. The long duration with constant good reviews is the work of teaching quality, so look out primarily for this factor. BRITANICA as of 1999 made annually interesting summer camps in the mountains.


But besides that operate long time is very important values and philosophy of the chosen camp to be in line with your preferences for education. Some offer riding or archery in summer. Others rely on authentic Scout programs with professional scouts. Still others have a private beach on the Black Sea and invest in beach tennis. Matter of choice, so be careful and choose the one that is most adequate for the season and your child.

When you send your child to camp is extremely attention to what friends will be. Community around it plays a big role. Look who offers team activities with a focus on the personality of each child. So your kid will be able to simultaneously entertain, to develop intellectually and emotionally builds character. Because there is nothing more wonderful than that your child is satisfied with the camp, which has experienced an interesting time and has found new friends.

Even connecting all points remains the most important – the foundation. Any good camp rests on its leaders. It is very important that all are professionals like teachers and personalities. Before sending your child, ask managers for brief informal conversation. Just meet them. We guarantee you that by getting to know them, you will be more relaxed.

But when you draw the line – name the organizer to your familiar. Anyone can hire good employees, and you can pay for it with bestial amount. Much easier, however, when the organizer is a familiar name. Ask friends and other parents like you. A friendly advice will help you a lot in making a final decision.

When your child returns will ask him what he has learned. If you choose along the mountain and BRITANICA, you will really get a full answer. As we wrote earlier, there you will find motivated teachers who work with passion and interest in the child and with a vision for the future. And being among the greenery of our nature in the sunniest and friendly season is something everyone should experience.

What to get when going on holiday

What to get when going on holiday

Little by little going into the season breaks. But what we need during the holiday to be healthy. See our tips

Get ready for emergencies

It is better to prepare your kit in which there are drugs for the most common symptoms. It is mandatory to take pills for headaches and fever. Add pills / powders for diarrhea. If you become ill while traveling and you feel sick, you can also get a special pills.

Tested trick: If you are sick, try to drink small sips decarbonising Sprite or soda water exhausting discomfort.

Always carry water

The most important thing in the summer is to stay well hydrated. So always carry your water. If you move, drink at least 3-4 liters of water a day. If you are traveling by car and do not have air conditioning, put a wet towel on his shoulders for cooling. The latter is especially true for people who have problems with high blood pressure.

Bring cleaning products

The surest way to protect yourself from the summer viruses regularly clean their hands. So always carry a wet wipes or gel to disinfect hands. Of course much better hands to come up with soap and warm water, but it is not always possible.

Sometimes we can not predict how they will react to our body heat. Some people raise blood pressure in some, blood falls, upper and lower limits are catching and leads to fainting. So it is good to have money with which to deal with the unpleasant situation of the moment.

Low blood: If you prichernyava eyes and think you will faint, immediately eat something sweet and water. Wash your face to refresh.
High blood: Pinch of cinnamon can help you to deal with high blood pressure. Cinnamon is a popular tool in folk medicine for fast downloads of blood. Add it to a little water or yogurt, and within minutes you will feel the difference.

Wear sunscreen cosmetics not only on the beach

Sun protection cosmetics should not go out of your bag ladies. The skin needs protection not only on the beach. So apply sun protection cosmetics morning before going out and anoint themselves back in a few hours, depending on the sun protection factor. Remember to Brush and face.

Remember repellent

Insect bites are common during the summer, so it is good to have in yourself repellent to help protect yourself. If you’re in an area with lots of mosquitoes it is a good idea to spray your clothes.

Old family recipe for Brochette!

Old family recipe for Brochette!


In the summer, the less time you spend in the kitchen easier cope with the heat. In this line of thoughts delicious toasts are the perfect summer escape for a quick breakfast, and why not for a light dinner. Find easy recipes for delicious brochette.
Brochette are traditional Italian appetizer. Prepare by toasted bread brushed with olive oil and salt, and often with garlic paste. Once the bread is toasted, comes the “stuffing”. It can be a vegetable (from chopped tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, arugula, mushrooms, peas, etc.) or meat (with prosciutto and seafood) include cheeses (feta, mozzarella, goat cheese, ricotta) or fruit (strawberries, raspberries, peaches). The best bread for bruschetta is Csaba or baguette.

brochette Caprese

Classic Brochette Caprese include tomatoes, mozzarella and basil – you choose how to garnishes. Whether tomatoes chopped and mixed with diced mozzarella, or ingredients to be thin slices.
green brochette

For them, you need 250g peas, which choke for 2-3min. To simplify, you can use canned. Mix peas with 50g grated parmesan 250g ricotta, 2s.l. olive oil 2 small cloves garlic, chopped very finely. The whole was stirred and the resulting mixture was coated slices of bread.

Meat or sea brochette

Nobody said that brochette must be only vegetables. You can prepare delicious toasts spread with a little balsamic vinegar, parsley pesto, prosciutto and thinly sliced Parmesan cheese (for this purpose use the unit for peeling vegetables). The other option is to make bruschetta with fish delicacies – shrimp, smoked salmon or tuna and cherry tomatoes.

vitamin brochette

To make a healthy vitamin toasts you need about 40g arugula, feta cheese 100g and 300g beets. Purple vegetable is cut into small cubes and mix with chopped arugula and also diced feta cheese. Put a little lemon juice.

summer brochette

For the preparation of summer brochette you need 1 eggplant, 1 zucchini and 1 red pepper. Eggplant and zucchini cut into slices and bake on the grill. Pepper cut in strips. On a slice of bread put a little feta cheese and arrange vegetables.
dessert brochette

Brochette are generally not dessert dish, but you can experiment and offer them as fruit snacks to a glass of white wine. Prepare them stuffed with diced goat cheese, strawberries and a little lemon juice.